Controlling Emotions

From my experience I have had to work on controlling my emotions. All the way from being super depressed an getting stuck in the sicken place to being overly excited an having trouble moving forward. In order to control my emotions I have taken into account all of thr possibilities of what can happen from my outburst an watching myself as I go through emotions an letting them go as a form of an outlet.


Morning Ritual

Hey morning to all!! I believe in order to start the day off right you should begin a morning ritual, something that makes you want to take the day head on, whether it be meditation or just doing yoga-make a set routine an stick to it , you’ll see it’ll be easier to get out of bed each morning.

Learn to let Go!!

Alright ladies an gentlemen whenever we are in relationships there is always a big problem with control! She wants to control an he wants to control- then its chaos….So to help with that something I’ve went through myself learning to let go of those little things so that you can make room for growth. As we go in an out of relationships there is a problem with- I don’t like this , why wont she do that, LET GO OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS!!How about next time you try this, the next time you get into an argument with your spouse or significant other think about- “Is this problem really worth getting mad over,” and ” Is this healthy an is it benefiting both parties to cause less drama.” Take into account that you both have things you handle your own way an if it cant be done the way you want-ITS OKAY! Accepting that you cant have everything but the things you can work on work on an come to an agreement. Learn to let go of your control an step back an watch yourself……Peace and Love to Allcouple

Depression Vs. Happiness

All of us in some point in our lives deal with depression an we become so deep in that we forget what happiness even is. So what I say to that people find your niche of things that you love an surround yourself with those things, don’t think about whats going wrong or why just plant seeds an watch your happiness happy

Watching Yourself

We constantly are busy in our everyday lives an seem to never be able to stop thinking. But when you stop an make yourself present , watch yourself, dis-identify yourself from your brain an watch your thoughts an emotions an experience everything that comes with it, for you will find an exemplary change in yourself.

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Love Bugs

Love plays an essential piece in our creation. Love is a positive emotion on the soul, it’s been a language for eons that is used by all beings to interconnect with one another.

Getting to Know Yourself

I believe that in this world you should know yourself better than anyone. That is also key in the spiritual world if you can manage to introspect enough only then will you come to know yourself an know what you are capable of. So start meditating an start watching there’s so many possibilities!BrainHarvardMeditation-657x360

cropped-divine-mother-5.jpgMy name is Titeana Hill an I am currently using this blog to inform people about how to break out of this homeland we call earth or the matrix. If you know there is more to life, if you know you are capable of amazing things, and if you know you are an infinite being then you are in the right place. Now I am not a guru but i am advanced enough to tell you how to get past these beginning stages of enlightenment you’re experiencing. Come all an I will show you a way out and also let you in on my journey or enlightenment as well.